Ring of Fire House of Prayer Network

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Get Ready!

God has embarked on a building agenda in the Earth. He is building the House of Prayer. This project is aimed at getting the people of God, and the plans and dreams that He has been giving us, up and flying!

This time will be a time of new ideas, new plans, laying groundwork and building up infrastructure in order to facilitate the Kingdom in the Earth, and set the stage for His end-time outpouring.

What this means for  all of us is that we must make ourselves ready… we must be ready in the Spirit, we must be aligned with God’s purposes and plans — and most of all, we’ve got to make everything ready in prayer. If you feel set on a shelf, pray through to be ready — He’s about to do something new in you! If you’ve been carrying a vision, pray through to be ready — He’s about to plug the vision in to the power to make it happen! If you are moving forward in the plans and purposes of God, don’t be discouraged by the seeming lull right now in the process — He’s about to set you in line with the greater structure, plug you into the resources you’ll need, and empower your efforts on a higher level!

The Ring of Fire House of Prayer Network is about joining together with like-hearted people, and helping one another to do the work of building! We have built or helped to build Houses of Prayer in Canada, California, Korea, and have new projects underway in Fiji, Thailand, Cambodia, Burma, India and more! Join with us so that we can share resources, information and know-how to see God's dream built all over the globe!