Ring of Fire House of Prayer Network

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Get Connected! Network with other ministries and prayer ministries that focus upon particular areas of service and intercession in order to partner together with the larger Body of Christ. This page offers the opportunity for you to further the expansion of God's kingdom throughout the world!

Through the Veil. TTV is the mother organization for Ring of Fire Houses of Prayer. We are a nonprofit registered in the U.S. dedicated to establishing the House of Prayer around the Pacific Rim with Education, NGO outreach, Economic Development and more. www.throughtheveil.net

Pacific Hope. Pacific Hope is our outreach arm reaching out with the Love of God to orphans, the poor, unreached peoples and more. Pacific Hope partners with Ring of Fire Houses of Prayer wherever they are in the world. www.pacifichope.org

Pacific Gates Education. Pacific Gates builds schools, trains and deploys teachers, supports Bible schools, builds college programs and more among tribal peoples around the Pacific Rim. Pacific Gates is partnered with Ring of Fire Houses of Prayer offering opportunity through education. www.pacificgates.org

Ring of Fire Economic Development. We are business for ministry, for families, for impoverished communities. We operate a family of small businesses on and offline and also offer business training and opportunity to local partners. Offering education, accountability  and micro loans makes a world of difference to poor local families. We partner with Ring of Fire Houses of Prayer around the Pacific Rim! www.ringoffireeconomicdevelopment.org

Next is a list of prayer ministries that we encourage you to become acquainted with: 

America's National Prayer Committee. A team of prayer ministry leaders worked together to provide this list of online prayer ministries hyperlinked to their respective websites.  The list includes city prayer ministries as well as prayer ministries focused on intercessory prayer, missions prayer, revival prayer, spiritual warfare prayer, and prayer evangelism. 

Bethany World Prayer Center.   A prayer ministry that serves the membership of the Prayer Center primarily.  However, this website links to Joshua Project 2000 where you can obtain single page profiles of unreached people groups to guide you in praying for the evangelization of the unreached.

Change the World School of Prayer.    A ministry of Every Home for Christ, the School of Prayer focuses upon mobilizing and training the Church to effectively pray into the kingdom of God a worldwide harvest of souls.  The training is provided through live and video prayer seminars for churches, ministries, Bible schools, and Christian retreats.  

Community Houses of Prayer.  The vision of Community Houses of Prayer is to see a developing network of committed communities of pray-ers around the world knowing God and seeking God for the souls of those around them.  The mission of Community Houses of Prayer is to mobilize Christ's disciples around the world where God has providentially placed them to reach others with the gospel through the intimacy and instrumentality of strategic prayer.

Dutch Sheets Ministries.  A ministry focusing primarily on intercession, repentance, and revival.  This ministry also provides outstanding resources on being an overcomer, discovering one's destiny, the watchman anointing and many other life-changing topics.  The website contains information on ordering materials, an itinerary and the current ministry newsletter.  Dutch Sheets seeks to equip Christians to pray effectively for America during its time of transition back to its Christian roots.

Generals of Intercession.  In wartime, it is the generals who make the battle plans.  Generals of Intercession is a ministry committed to militant intercession as the means for discerning God's battle plans and engaging those plans to tear down demonic strongholds and evangelize the world's unreached peoples.  This ministry is based in Colorado Springs and led by Cindy and Mike Jacobs. 

Global Harvest Ministries.   A ministry initially founded for the purpose of administrating the coordination of "Praying Through The Window I," a prayer initiative uniting 30 million Christians worldwide in strategic intercession for the evangelization of the world's least reached people groups.  GHM continues to serve intercessors, apostles and ministry leaders by networking ministries and prayer groups, mobilizing international intercessory projects, providing strategic prayer information, and offering cutting-edge conferences, resources and training.

Harvest Evangelism.  A ministry committed to the fulfillment of the Great Commission by focusing upon the evangelization of cities.  This ministry has developed a prototype for reaching entire cities for Christ based on the biblical principles of unity, reconciliation, and prayer.  Learn how to impact your city for Christ through prayer evangelism.

Harvest Prayer Ministries.  This ministry seeks to mobilize the church to be diligent in prayer for world evangelization by connecting churches in a common prayer bond.  It was founded by David Butts in 1993 to follow God's lead to become intensely involved in what he sensed was a nationwide prayer movement. David and his wife Kim together with their staff present prayer weekends, concerts of prayer, and regional prayer seminars covering a wide variety of topics with the primary goal of inspiring and instructing the church in prayer for spiritual renewal and world evangelization.  This site makes available "reproducible resources" on various prayer topics that can be used at no charge by churches and prayer groups.  There is also a resource store of prayer materials in a variety of media and a "kids" link with ideas on prayer for children including a prayer calendar.

Houses of Prayer Everywhere.  This ministry exists to help fulfill the vision of The Lighthouse Movement and other prayer-evangelism organizations to fulfill the goal of "a Light-House on every street and an intercessor for every person in our nation."  This site provides resources to help start up and sustain a neighborhood Light-House including their "Five Blessing" brochure and their "How to Start and Sustain a Lighthouse" pamphlet.  In addition to these free materials, a Light-House start up kit for churches may also be purchased.  Learn about The Lighthouse Movement through The Light-House newsletter and publicize the movement to your church through the "Light Your World" bulletin insert.  Inspiration is imparted through testimonials of lives impacted through houses of prayer.  You will also find here links to several other prayer evangelism ministries.

Intercessors for America.  A ministry whose stated mission is "to fervently and humbly seek the supremacy of Jesus Christ in America through prevailing prayer and fasting."  This website provides prayer newsletters, bulletin inserts, and prayer alerts to guide concerned Christians in praying for America.

International Capital Region Prayer and Healing Center.  This cite highlights a unique ministry centered in the Albany, New York area where the former Albany Guardian Society Home, an adult care facility, was converted into a prayer and healing center on January 27, 2001.  Following the model of John G. Lake's healing rooms in Spokane, Washington, this is a place where those with physical or emotional illness (with or without medical insurance) can come to receive saturating prayer and medical care combined.  The center houses 70 rooms in the heart of the inner city of Albany and is committed to 24 hour, 7 day per week prayer in what is dubbed "the prayer furnace."  Live worship and prayer create the atmosphere for effective healing. Also, prayer focuses on bringing revival to "the Capital region and the Northeast" section of the United States.  Check this website out for location, accommodations, and the modest costs of a visit.

Justice House of Prayer (JHOP)   The Justice House of Prayer (JHOP) exists to raise up a house of prayer to contend with every other house that challenges the Lordship and supremacy of Christ over all affairs.  Birthed out of theCall prayer assemblies and theCause prayer initiative, the Justice House of Prayer is a community of young and old who seek to lift a continuous (24/7) cry of worship and intercession for and out of our nation’s capitol.  The primary motivation of all that is done at JHOP is to pour out our extravagant love and devotion to Jesus Christ who is worthy of all praise and adoration. At the same time, a unique and defining characteristic of JHOP is governmental intercession as delineated by the 1 Timothy 2 mandate. True reformation, revival, and revolution in our nation will only be born out of a spiritual shift and this can only occur when we have altered the spiritual atmosphere and power structure through sustained prayer and fasting. And to that end, JHOP was established.

Lighthouse Movement.  This sight highlights a major evangelism initiative of Mission America -- a growing coalition of 386 Christian leaders from seventy-two denominations, over 300 churches and para-church ministries, and fifty-six ministry networks. The evangelism initiative is called The Lighthouse Movement in following Jesus’ mandate to believers to not hide their light but to let it shine in Christian witness that others might be saved and God might be glorified. The initiative is born of prayer and maintains that we should always "talk to God about our neighbors before we talk to our neighbors about God." The strategy is summed up in three words: prayer, care, share. That is, pray for those in your sphere of influence by name, care for their needs, and share the gospel with them in appropriate ways.

Lydia Fellowship.  This is a women's international prayer fellowship committed to prayer and fasting at least one day per month for our churches, communities, country and the world.  In honoring the exhortation of 1 Timothy 2 to pray for governmental leaders, the fellowship is currently providing "Pray for Those in Authority" prayer cards as supplies last.  Other free prayer resources include a U.S. Congress Sheet, World Leaders List, and a USA Newsletter published three times annually.  All of these resources can be printed from this website. Lydia Fellowship holds a national prayer conference once a year in a major city. Women meet throughout the various states in small home prayer groups and in churches.

March For Jesus.  This is an annual international prayer and praise march in the streets of cities around the world.  The purpose is for Christians to take the celebration of all that Jesus has done for us outside the walls of the church so that people of every nationality, race, and age join together in "heartfelt praise for Jesus and prayer for cities and nations."  The marches began on May 23, 1992 with 600,000 Christians marching from 142 U.S. cities and 25 European countries.  By May 30, 1998, there were 700,000 people marching in 633 U.S. cities alone and another 10 million marching in countries around the world.  This site gives information about Marches for Jesus and instructions regarding how to organize one in your community.  

Mission America.  This is the coalition of Christian leaders, churches, parachurch ministries, and ministry networks described above under The Lighthouse Movement.  Should you decide to establish yourself, your home, your prayer group, or your church as a lighthouse in your community, Mission America can register your commitment and provide you with with training materials and other helpful information and encouragement in your new venture.

National Day of Prayer.  This is an annual prayer event for the leadership and people of the United States.  It was established by an act of Congress in 1952 under President Truman and amended in 1988 under the Reagan administration setting the first Thursday of May as the annual National Day of PrayerThe National Day of Prayer (NDP) Task Force, currently chaired by Mrs. Shirley Dobson, maintains a small full-time staff and a network of 40,000 volunteers who organize more than 20,000 prayer events covering all fifty states.  Prayer events include prayer breakfasts, Bible reading marathons, concerts of prayer, prayer rallies, and student flag pole prayer gatherings.  This site includes information on how to contact a NDP coordinator in your state -- or on how to become one.  

PrayCal.  Pray California is a servant coalition of pastors and prayer leaders representing many ministries laboring to equally empower, network, alert, equip and provide a blanket of prayer over California.  This web site seeks to help facilitate these relationships, assist with the flow of information, improve communications, and to empower and recognize leaders of prayer in the various regions of the state.

The Prayer Command Post.  The Prayer Command Post is intended as a meeting place of prayer partners and intercessory groups serving the Southern California area. Its express purpose is to equip believers "to grow in their relationship with God through prayer." While serving the larger purpose of helping Christians discover their identity in Christ, experience emotional and spiritual wholeness, and find their place in effective ministry, the Prayer Command Post aims to connect prayer partners, teams, and ministries with each other and with Christian leaders for the common goal of Christian unity and city-wide evangelism and discipleship. These goals are attained through an online newsletter, articles about prayer, and seminars/conferences for churches and ministries that deal very practically with such subjects as establishing a prayer ministry within a church and creating healthy partnerships between intercessors and pastors.

Prayer for the Persecuted Church.  This site helps Christians became informed about persecuted believers around the world who "share our faith but not our freedom."  Its purpose is to inspire Christians to learn about their persecuted brethren and to pray for them as well as for the salvation of their oppressors.  On the basis of the scriptural injunction to "remember those who are mistreated as if you yourselves were suffering" (Hebrews 13:3), it provides prayer tips, free educational materials, videos and CD's, and links to the sites of other ministries who are involved through prayer as well as "on the field."  Here you will find help in praying for persecuted Christians yourself as well as incorporating this prayer emphasis into small groups, youth and college groups, children's groups, and in prayer meetings of Christian leaders.

Prayerworks.  The stated purpose of this ministry is "awakening, equipping, and mobilizing believers in your church . . . in your community to seek God through prayer."  The staff of Prayerworks provides resources and services to help prepare the church for spiritual renewal and revival.  Based upon the biblical premise that the Church is called to BE a "house of prayer for all nations" (Isaiah 56:7) and that the Church's primary mission is "prayer and the ministry of the Word" (Acts 6:4), Prayerworks is available to churches and Christian groups for a variety of prayer-based services including solemn assemblies, prayer summits, prayer seminars and retreats.   

Pray Live.  Prayer Live is a nondenominational prayer line open to everyone.  The Pray Live concept was designed to connect people around the globe in prayer.  Many link to Pray Live via cell phones during the day or night knowing that prayer and words of comfort are a dial away. People need people, and when they are able to connect with live people praying with and for them there is no end to the magnitude of the blessing.

If you are committed to pray for others, the Pray Live network is a wonderful opportunity to touch lives through prayer and reach the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Pray! Magazine.  This magazine was first published in the Spring of 1997 with the goal of being a voice for the worldwide prayer movement that God has supernaturally birthed over the last few decades.  The magazine is produced by NavPress and The Navigators, but it is actually a cooperative effort of America's National Prayer Committee, The Denominational Prayer Leader's Network, Mission America, and the National Association of Evangelicals.  Each of these groups is represented on the advisory board that determines the content of the magazine.  Pray! Magazine states it's mission in these words:  "(1) to challenge and equip believers to pray more diligently and effectively; (2) to encourage believers to step out of their comfort zones in regard to prayer; and (3) to inform believers of the scope of the prayer movement and its organizations."  Subscriptions are available at this website.  

Pray Today.  This site is a reminder that "the most important thing you can do today is Pray Today."  This is a devotional site which opens with a thought for the day and a new inspirational photograph and accompanying verse encouraging prayer each time you visit. For those desiring encouragement in daily prayer, there are more than thirty brief devotions to get your prayer motor going!  It is rich on graphics and appeals to the aesthetic side.  The use of large print is very helpful for the elderly and visually impaired.

See You at the Pole.  This is an annual prayer gathering of students at the flagpole of their campuses on the third Wednesday of September each year at 7:00 a.m.  It is initiated and led by students to pray for their schools, friends, teachers, national government, and the people of their nation.  It began in Burleson, Texas in 1990 with a small group of students moved of God to travel to three different schools in their area and pray around the flagpoles for their friends, their schools, and their leaders.  By 1991, 3 million students from all 50 states in the U.S. and more than 20 other countries were participating.  This site gives information on how to organize a SYATP event for your school.  It also links with international SYATP websites for Canada, Australia, and Korea as well as the websites of over 100 cooperating ministries.

Watchmen on the Wall:  Prayer Houses for the Nations (WW-PHN).  A ministry birthed in the heart of Esther Touré of Bethel World Outreach Church (Silver Spring, Maryland), WW-PHN seeks to follow the Lord's leading in establishing "Houses of Prayer" connected via the Internet to pray for the nations.  The sole purpose of such prayer is that of completing the Great Commission through united, fervent, focused intercessory and warfare prayers.  Prayer teams are organized into:  Prayer Rooms (2-10 watchmen), Prayer Houses (10-15watchmen), Prayer Towers (50-100 watchmen), and Prayer Mountains (100+ watchmen).  Each prayer team focuses on a particular nation, and each seeks to accomplish the mission of WW-PHN by praying for ministers and their ministries, Christian leaders and their families, and the people groups within their designated nations who are yet to come to personal faith in Jesus Christ.

US Prayer Center.  The U.S. Prayer Center is committed to "discipling Christians in prayer, intercession, strategic prayer, and deliverance."  It highlight the ministry of Eddie and Alice Smith who are available for a variety of all-day seminars on such topics as "Dynamic Prayer & Effective Intercession," "Spiritual Warfare & Spiritual Mapping," and "Delivering the Captive" among others.  A monthly PrayerNet Newsletter is available to help believers in their prayer lives and to alert them to prayer needs around the world. A resource store is available for purchasing audios, Bibles, booklets, books, and videos on subjects including Christian living, deliverance, intimacy with God, prayer and intercession, and spiritual warfare.   Links are provided to give guidance in sixteen different areas of prayer interest.

Window International Network.  WIN is a non-profit organization focused on mobilizing tens of millions of Christians around the globe to pray for the world's least evangelized people.  Their focus is on the people groups of the 10/40 Window, a rectangular window superimposed upon that part of the globe that ranges from 10 to 40 degrees north of the equator and that stretches across North Africa, the Middle East, and Central Asia.  This part of the world is home to nearly 4 billion people, 87 percent of the world's "poorest of the poor," and includes 1.6 billion people who have never once heard the gospel.  This site will educate you on what prayer evangelism is all about as well as motivate you to to become involved in penetrating the darkest recesses of the earth with the light of the gospel.